Tuesday, April 21, 2015


We got a new stroller, thanks Costco!  It's a jogging stroller and bike trailer combo.  we've been having fun going on walks with friends, hopefully it will get lost of use and last us a long time!  

Taylor is all about the matching!

Reese- 9 Months

You can sit up on your own! Shortly after you turned 8 months you figured this one out a sit would catch me off guard to see you sitting not where I left you.  You also pull yourself up onto everything!  And you try and climb. I've got my hands full with you and I have a feeling this is only the tip of the iceberg!
You are a speedy crawler! Started out as a hybrid crawl, which was very effective. But now it's full on crawl and you are fast! You don't like to be left behind so if we go to another it's not long til you join us with a huge grin of accomplishment when you find us.  You took your first tumble down the stairs, but luckily you were okay.
You eat anything and everything and love to scour the floor for scraps and dried leftovers silly girl. We are still nursing, but you get so easily distracted it feels like you are just snacking sometimes. 
You still just have the two bottom teeth, but they are so cute I'm fine waiting awhile for the rest to come in.
You use your left hand to eat.
You have always been a drooler.  At first I thought it may be teething, but at three months it seemed too young, no teeth, just lots of drool!
Your voice is pretty deep. Especially when you notice someone else eating and you aren't. You let out a deep guttural growl!  And of course you are the noisiest when it is the quietest like at church. Lots of polite turn arounds and smiles from everyone. You say mama, hi, dada, and "hi dad"
You love to be tossed and spun. 
And you adore your soft blankets. Even more than Taylor did. If you see one you speedily crawl and bury your face in it and toss it around. Blankets are our best motivator for you. And you love to use them and play peekaboo. 
Your hair is finally starting to grow back in!  But there still are a few from when you were born that are really long! But right now there is a line in the back where you can tell where the regrowth is and it looks like a toupee from behind. 
As always... we love you Reese!

Height 27.5in 50%
Weight 18lbs 5.5oz 55%
Head Circumference 18in

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Taylor's First Haircut

I was getting my hair done by my sister-in-law, Becky, and asked her what she would do with Taylor's hair.  The ends were so scraggly and thin that I knew it needed to be cut eventually, but it was finally getting long so I was dragging my feet about it.  Anyway I took her advice and on a whim we cut off 3-4 inches. 

I spent forever trying to get a decent picture of it because people kept asking to see it, but she didn't want to cooperate so these were the best I could do.

She looks like a big girl now!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jayne's Birthday Celebration

Jayne's birthday celebration kept getting postponed because she was sick and busy schedules.  But we finally were able to get together and go to dinner.  He went to a Hibachi grill which was really fun and the girls loved it.  It made Taylor a little nervous at first, but I think we all had more fun watching her reaction to things than to actually watch them ourselves. 

Very poor lighting in there!
Afterwards we went back and had cake.  She picked the best kind of cake, white cake with whipped topping.  The whipped topping is key! 

And if you've ever been around my family those photos above shouldn't surprise you. We love you enjoy! I hope you felt loved and celebrated!!

Jayne's Baby

Jayne had to do the whole flour sack baby thing for one her classes. I thought that was something that they only did in movies, but I guess it's a real thing.  Anyway she came up and we hooked her baby up with the best baby gear. 

She even added a picture of Reese on it!  She had the cutest and most styling baby at school!

Reese's First Donut

February 26, 2015
I was in the other room when I heard Taylor shout out, "MY DONUT!!!"  I came in to find that Taylor had dropped her donut and before she could grab it, Reese did.  Reese had a death grip on that thing and was stuffing it in her mouth as fast as she could afraid I would take it away.  I was dying!  I didn't have the heart to take it away right away because she was so proud of herself and enjoying it so much so we facetimed some family and showed them.  Taylor thought it was pretty funny too and still brings it up every now and then "Member Reese at my donut? That was silly!"

She sure enjoyed it!