Wednesday, September 21, 2016

June Photos 2016

The girls got invited to Charlotte's Peter Pan birthday party.  It was so cute and the girls loved it! Taylor know wants to know when her birthday party will be.

Walking the plank!

This girl surprised me with some worms she dug out of the ground.

Taylor took a dance and gymnastic class this summer with her friends Sadie.

On a little hike by Whiskey Springs

Snuggling baby Gentry!

After getting Reese ready for church she decided to get back into the tub with Taylor fully dressed... ugh!

Happy Father's Day to this amazing Dad!!

Why are they so cute when they sleep!

A fun lunch celebrating friends' birthdays!

Man I love where we live!

Every time we go to the temple Taylor asks us to take a picture of the temple for her

Carson sure is picky with who he likes.  This time it was Great Grandpa!

Sister Lee is doing great!