Thursday, December 11, 2014

FaceTime Dress Up

After Halloween my mom picked up some dress up clothes for the grandkids.  She couldn't wait to show us so her and Jayne modeled them for us while we were Facetiming them and I snapped some screen shots without them knowing. 

St. George

We decided to get away as a family and head to St. George for the weekend.  It was all last minute, but definitely worth it!  The warm weather was heaven and we of course stopped to eat at Mongolian BBQ which has become a must when we are down there.  The best part was watching Taylor and Reese with their Grandma Great and Grandpa Great! 

The workers were teaching her how to use chopsticks and were more assertive than she was used to she froze up.  The photo below cracks me up, what you don't see is the worker next to her telling me over and over "Mom take her picture! Take her picture!"

She caught on quick and loved using the kid friendly chopsticks.  Heck I wish I used the kid ones too!

Taylor and I were unintentional twins at church!

Taylor loved playing with Preston!

Lots of golf, lots of fun and of course too short!  Til next time! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

First Snow

We woke up to snow one day.  Or as Taylor kept calling it "Snowman!!"

Jayne's Volleyball

This fall we had fun going and supporting my little sister at some of her volleyball games.  I even made some shirts for the girls to wear.  


This was on her Senior Night.  I can't believe that Jayne is already a senior! But it was great night and they even won.  The best part though was Jayne had the winning kill to end the game!  Woo Go JAYNE!!!