Saturday, March 28, 2015

More on Christmas

I felt like I left out a lot about what went on around Christmas and there are so many little things that I want to remember from this year

We put up the lights and tree while Taylor was napping and when she came out we expected her to be excited about the lights.  Instead all she commented on was the box Chad had built for tree to stand on. 
Reese was actually sick starting on Christmas. Her only symptoms were a hoarse voice and a little extra fussiness.  I kept waiting for something else to join them to determine if she needed to go to the doctor, but she eventually got better on her own.  Her cute hoarse voice reminded me of all of my Christmas morning videos from when I was a kid because no fail, I was almost always sick and most often I had a froggy voice. She takes after her momma!

This is the year of the pink kitchen! I had wanted to get Taylor a play kitchen for awhile and finally found the perfect one for a great deal.  After returning another, we got this one and it made me so giddy I couldn't wait for Christmas morning to get here!  Chad dropped a few hints to Taylor that maybe she should ask Santa for a pink kitchen and boy did it stick!  She was so so cute telling people that's what she wanted for Christmas.  And on Christmas morning she was so excited that Santa brought it for her (and Reese).  She tells everyone about it and how Santa brought her a pink kitchen. She even includes it in her prayers.  And whenever anyone stops by she has to show them her pink kitchen.  Or if I tell her someone may visit she ask if they can play with her pink kitchen. I would say it was a success!

Taylor is on a major princess kick and my mom got her almost all of the Disney princesses in figurines. Kind of like Polly Pockets. And it wasn't until we opened them that we discovered the best feature about them, their dresses easily clip on and off by pinching the bottoms. The best part is Taylor can do them herself and switch their dresses around.  And Reese loves them too.  She will crawl to get a princess to gnaw on all the time. 

We were trying to teach Taylor about Christmas being about Jesus' birthday and what she got out of it was "Jesus cupcakes."  Let me explain, on her birthday when we made cupcakes so she has connected that cupcakes and birthdays go together. When we said Christmas was to celebrate Jesus' birth, she assumed there would be cupcakes.  I like that simple connection and recognition of a child's love and it is another way to celebrate Jesus so I think it would be a fun tradition to keep each year. To make Jesus cupcakes for his birthday!

It was such a great Christmas.  It is so fun having kids and sharing the magic with them!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Backyard sledding

Right before bed

Right before bed you girls go CRAZY!!  Now that Reese is mobile you move all around the house together with constant grins and giggles and it cracks me up to watch!  Here are some photos I snapped of Reese playing one night.  Her smiles are all for her sister who is behind me egging her on. 

More dress up

Our days are constantly filled with dress up.  It is one of Taylor's favorite things to do and often Reese gets in on the action. 

Jayne's Masquerade