Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Grandma's day off

My mom had the day off from work so we went down and hung out with her.  We decided that a pool day was just what we needed so we tried out the Scera Pool and were very impressed!  The girls were in heaven and love playing in the water!  And I always enjoy spending time with my mom!

We swam so much our fingers were wrinkled!  That's the sign of a good pool day!  We will definitely be back!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cheering on friends

Our friends Vanessa and Liz were running in the American Fork half marathon so we decided to surprise them and cheer them on with posters.  Our pink poster was hit with all the runners.  If you are a mom you get it and lots of women would bust out laughing.  At the finish line kids would would see it and then purposefully try not to smile.  People would stop us and take our picture, it was just a lot of fun! 

They were so surprised and it was actually really fun cheering everyone on!

I guess we are quitters haha

Way to go girls!

indoor skydiving

We bought a groupon to go indoor skydiving and were planning on going with Dan and Lyss, but we couldn't get our schedules to work out so Chad and I had to go by ourselves.  It was really fun, short and made me laugh because of how it felt, but a fun activity.

Our flight instructor instructed our pose on this photo and it just made us crack up how silly we looked with the outfits and poses and below shows some awesome google marks.

May photos 2016

Silly Maddy!

Reese figuring out the sprayer at Grandma's house

Reese moved the chair to try and reach the balloons she let go. Almost there! 

Poor girl wasn't feeling great and all she wanted to do was watch Frozen!

Working my way back to blond is a process! I just have to be patient with the transition!

We got a swing set and it is the best thing ever! Our girls are out there daily!

I was doing a face mask and Taylor wanted to join me.  Reese wasn't so sure what was going on and wouldn't come near us.

When the tinker toys come out Reese builds this every time and calls it a Temple!

In the mornings you can often find hot air balloons all over the valley.  Our neighbor sent us a picture of this one about to join us for breakfast one morning.

Happy Memorial Day y'all!