Sunday, October 19, 2014

Yard and Construction!

We love our new house! I just can't say that enough!  It is SO nice to be able to go for walks and not have to haul things up and down stairs to our apartment!  Since we live in a new neighborhood that is still developing, we have houses being put up around us.  Taylor loves watching all the machinery and construction workers, or "guys" as she calls them.
We borrowed Tony's tractor to help us prep our yard for when we put it in next spring.  Taylor begged to ride in Grandpa's tractor with Chad and got so excited when she finally got the chance to.  Now she begs to drive it anytime Chad uses it.
  And the saying that everyone tells us, "Heber grows rocks" we have come to find it is very true!  Lots of our evenings are spent out picking rock while the weather is still good. 

Her first tractor ride! 

Watching the "guys"

Chad teaching Taylor what is what since everything is a "tractor" to mom 

Do your cheeks hang low?

(this was right after we moved in, so sometime in the beginning of September)

Reese's cheeks just keep on growing!  And becoming more delicious and demanding kisses!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

August 29

August 29th was a big day! We signed all the paperwork and became official homeowners and residents of Heber! All our planning and stressing since February has payed off and we couldn't be happier! 

Taylor in her new room!
The next day we moved everything out of our old apartment and into our new home!  Good bye apartment living! I'm not going to miss worrying about the noise level, no parking spots, management problems and no yard.  But I will miss our ward, friends and the pool. 

On to new adventures!

New House

SURPRISE!!! We built a house!
We haven't wanted to say anything in case anything fell through, but since we have been living in our house for almost two months, I think we are safe haha.   Now it has just been procrastination on my part.  Anyway here are some photos of our house that have been taken along the way since we started the whole process back in February.  A lot of them were sent to us from Chad's parents who would stop by and send us progress pictures since we were down in Salt Lake and our house is in Heber.  

So excited about our hole! 

It looks a lot different now that our stuff is in.  For the first little bit it felt like we were playing house, but now it really feels like our home!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Reese- 2 Months

Hey Reeser!
You have gotten so big!  I was surprised to find out that you weigh more then a pound than Taylor did at this stage.  It's all in your delicious cheeks!  You are growing up so fast.  You started smiling and cooing to us awhile back and are the queen of half smiles.  You wake up the happiest baby  and give me the biggest smiles when you find me and I love it!!  Your resting face is a pretty serious look so when you smile it makes me smile!  When you were born your dad describes it as a look like "you don't want to be here."  We still struggle with your tummy problems and gas, but you handle it like a champ and don't let it get you down.  It's getting better, so I hope you outgrow it soon because it's hard to see you uncomfortable.   You sleep next to us in the rock n play which has you sleeping at an angle and that has helped a lot.  You love to be held and rocked, which makes it difficult to get things done, but I just eat it up because I love snuggling babies and I know this stage doesn't last long.  You sleep like a champ and give us a good 6-7 hour stretch each night and then fall back asleep right after you eat.  You must know that your mom loves her sleep and I really appreciate it!  You run warm, so you are often just in a onesie or diaper because otherwise you are dripping with sweat.  It's hard to keep headband and bows on you because they must be too tempting for Taylor to pull off!  We love you so much and are so grateful to have you in our lives! 

2 week appointment vs 2 month appointment

Reese's 2 Month Well Check Stats:
Weight- 13 lbs 6 oz 80%
Height- 23.5 inches 65%
Head Circumference- 15.6 inches 85%