Monday, February 19, 2018

Swimming and a Birthday Party

Taylor got invited to her friend from preschool, Malea's birthday party. And Reese was able to tag along!

We ran into our friend Sam Knudsen and they got to play with him for awhile. 

Happy Birthday Malea!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Packers in town!

My friend Karlie came into town and I was able to meet up with her and finally meet her cute kids!  Karlie and I met our freshman year of college and were roommates our sophomore year and bridesmaids in each others weddings.  I haven't seen her since her baby shower for Josh and now look how big he is!  Bree and Celia are less just under a month apart so it was fun to get them together.  Our other friend from college, Kirstin, had a baby girl a few months after us so we joke that they will have arranged college roommates!  It is crazy how fast time flies!  I swear we were just in college!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Sleepover with the Brown Girls

We had a little sleepover with our friends the Browns while Chad was in New York.  It made Simone and I reminisce when we did this a few years ago and each had one less girl!  I didn't mean to have Bree wear the same pajamas that Reese wore, but it's crazy to see them so close in age!  And we missed the Salazar girls this time! 

Bree and Kaia were the new additions this time!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Girls SLC trip

A few friends and I snuck away for some pampering and dinner down in Salt Lake.  They even got a hotel and stayed the night, but I had a baptism in the morning so I just hung out that night.  It was so nice to chat and have some me time. 

Bree came, nursing mom problems ha! But she is so easy to bring along and everyone likes holding her so she gets passed around. 

Love all these ladies and our friendships!

Cheesecake Factory was delicious!  Try the Thai Lettuce Wraps!  And Angie recommended the Vanilla Bean cheesecake with Raspberry sauce and oh my goodness it did not disappoint! Mmmm! Now I'm hungry!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

First Sink Bath

Bree had her first sink bath the other day and I think it's safe to say she loved it!  She's growing up fast and I see many more of these in her future!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Bree 7 Months

Bree at 7 months is not officially crawling, but definitely mobile and into everything! She scoots and army crawls and rolls everywhere.  And will sometimes get up on all fours and rock.  She has been sick a lot this past month mainly with colds and I feel like teething, but nothing has popped through yet, but I'm guessing soon.  She is super drooly and loves to chew on everything.  She still is super smiley and happy though so she's a blessing.  There have been some rough nights, but she still sleeps through the night for the most part.