Friday, January 29, 2016

Brown hair!

I've been kind of wanting to change my hair for awhile, but I've been indecisive.  The day before Thanksgiving I was sitting talking with two of my sister-in-laws, both hair dressers, and I decided why not now!  So I had my mom pick up the dye and went down Thanksgiving morning to get it from her and see them for a little bit.  And after thanksgiving dinner we got to work!  

Linsey did a great job and it's been so fun to surprise people!  It didn't even phase Reese, and Taylor just kept asking why my hair was brown. I now get told I look like my sister more and someone even thought I was a new sister of mine.  Chad says it brings back memories of when we first met because I was actually a brunette when we met. 

Definitely an adjustment, but I like it!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015!

This year  for Thanksgiving we were in Heber for a few days with all of the Allens!

Clay got Uncle of the Day Award, but sitting and playing play dough with Taylor for over an hour.  The girl loves play dough and plays forever, of course only at Grandma's house! 

We had a little talent show the night before Thanksgiving.  All of the nieces and nephews performed. Anytime there was music Taylor and Reese danced and Mason joined in.  They would all start out their talent by saying their name and what they were going to do so Taylor stood up and started, "My name is Taylor Allen and..." and then she basically bore her testimony, it was so cute and I was really proud of her and her fearlessness!  At one point everyone was trying to get Clay to do something so we were all chanting for him and it was pretty funny!

I had to run down to Orem early Thanksgiving morning for something (more on that later) so we stopped by my parents for a little bit.  We even got to see my Uncle Matt who was only in town for a short visit.

Taylor brought her turkey hat she made in preschool to show everyone. 

Cindy always plans lots of fun activities for the grandkids and these turkeys were so cute!

This is Reese's guilty look, her turkey didn't last long. 

Cindy sure knows how to cook!  It was delicious as usual!
Since we weren't all going to be together for Christmas we did stockings and the Nativity story after dinner.  Poor Abby had an infection in her tooth so they had to rush back to Pocatello right after dinner and presents.

Our running angel!

November Photos

She makes her nickname of "Trouble" stick around

Reese likes to pretend she is in gymnastics too

Reese always loves to bring people their shoes so she was in shoe heaven at the shoe store filling her arms with all the display samples! 

I found this selfie Taylor took on my phone without my knowing

They love watching the snow fall!

Taylor found the best spot to sit during winter, on the heat vent!

I found Tay barely in her bed one night.

We had a sleepover with some of our friends one night while Chad was in New York. 

Little stinker climber up and took a bite out of each tomato!

Reese loves lipstick just like her sister!

These are some of the girls favorite ornaments, and mine too!

It's hard to keep Reese out of things if she really wants to, no gloves or snow pants could stop her from joining in the fun one day. 

Jazz game! I'm not the biggest fan of flat brimmed hats, but awhile back when Chad was in New York he got to watch the NBA draft and that was the only Jazz thing he could find to commemorate that event. 

Trying to decide if we look more alike now that my hair is brown.