Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Photos 2017

My view watching the girls play while I am on bedrest

This little stink is a night owl and comes into our room every night for some more attention. She has some pretty cute things to tell us though, I think this night was "Soooo my favorite colors are blue, pink and purple! And I like Daniel Tiger!"

I've been blessed with so many great friends who have helped me with my girls, while I've been down. 

One of our late night chats with this girl conked her out in her dad's arms

Chad was gone on visits so it was my turn to try and get this girl to go to sleep!

Heber is so beautiful!

You know when the boys are extra hungry when they lend a hand in the kitchen ;)

This bedhead was the sign of a good nap!

Love her creativity and highly recommend these toys! Magformers!

Another night time battle, I'm beginning to see a terrible trend and habit we're starting!  But when Mom can't do much, we do the best we can!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful momma!

Matching hair at church! Though I should take pictures before church rather than after. 

We've had lots of snow this winter! And this morning the snowplow cut too close to the banks and ended up pushing a boulder of ice in the middle of the driveway the size of our garbage can.  Ugh!

This girl loves books!!

I obviously didn't scar Reese too bad with this mask

Sweet girl fell asleep reading!

Pink milk means it's a girl!