Monday, April 18, 2016

Christmas Cards

I originally wasn't planning on doing Christmas cards this year, but last minute I decided to.  Taylor really wanted to help and has been into painting.  So I originally was just going to let her paint on grandparent's envelops etc, but they turned out so cute and so everyone got a Taylor Allen original on their envelop.

Here is a picture of a picture of our card and for fun, a comparison to last year's.

Children's Museum

Chad did a good job taking photos of Taylor at the Children's Museum, but since I didn't go I'll just let the photos speak for themselves for the most part.

They waited to take the tracks, but since it was New Year's Day they were either closed or on a different schedule and never came so Taylor and Chad walked the whole way there in the freezing cold!

SLC for New Years

Chad's grandparents had a time share for Salt Lake that was going to expire and no one else wanted so we decided to have a little staycation and invited my sister to come spend time with us in Salt Lake City for New Years Eve.  It was freezing cold, but still fun to look at all the Christmas lights and show the girls the Temple.

Chad and I snuck away to a Jazz game while Jayne played with the girls at the hotel

The next morning Chad took Taylor to the children's museum to meet up with his sister and their family.  So Jayne and I took Reese and went shopping. 

I happened to run into one of my friends from high school in Texas!  It was so fun to see Reagan!!

Overall a successful staycation!