Saturday, March 10, 2018

Mommy Daughter Special Time

While Taylor got to have a date with her Dad at Disney on Ice, Reese and I got to spend some time together.  I didn't want her to feel left out so I asked what she wanted to do together to make it special and her requests were that she wanted to go to Grandma's house, play in a playplace, and then she wanted to go to Costco! Ha! Girl after my own heart!
Reese loves that we have matching hazel eyes, especially since Taylor and Dad have blue and probably Bree will have eyes too. 

We hit up Chick Fil A and our cousins happened to be in town and stopped by to play for a minute.  Which only made the day sweeter!

Happy about her ice cream!

I love when I get to focus on my girls one on one and soak them up because they are growing so fast and each stage is so fleeting!  I love my Reese!

Daddy Daughter Disney on Ice Date

Some friends had some Disney on Ice tickets that they couldn't use and offered to them to us, so Chad got to take Taylor on a daddy daughter date!

They got to follow up the show with Chick Fil A.  And Taylor couldn't stop talking about the show and everything.  I'm glad they had a good time, thanks to the Parks. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Mini Waspettes

The girls got to participate in the Mini Waspette camp.  This was Taylor's third and Reese first time, she was so excited to get to participate this year!! Taylor had a high fever the day of that fortunately broke a few hours before performing.  She still wasn't feeling 100% but wanted to perform so badly that she toughed it out. 

Love all these great friends! Kapri, Auri, Taylor, Reese, Brylee

Taylor and her friend from preschool Malea
Look at all those cute girls in pink!

I love these sparkly blue eyes!

working on their "ROAR"

So proud of this 3 year old! She acts well above her age!

So proud of these two girls!

Thanks to Grandma Cindy for coming and watching them!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bree 8 Months

Bree at 8 months.  This has been our roughest month due to her catching a cold and being sick and stop sleeping through the night due to her two bottom teeth finally cutting through.  Fingers crossed we are over it and we will all be sleeping again!  She ends up sleeping on her stomach no matter how I lay her down.  She is crawling everywhere and starting to pull up on everything.  She is super curious and into everything.  And loves people and being where everyone is.  And loves to smile at everyone, especially her sisters and her Mom.  Loves dogs!  Flew on an airplane for the first time and did amazing.  She especially loved the beach! And I loved getting to spend one on one time with her for a few days.  

Girls Trip Day 3 Beach!

Day 3 consisted of a lazy morning. We went and watched the Greatest Showman and then headed to the beach! 

I spy the ocean!

This girl loved the ocean! It was so cute!!

A few love notes I sent back home

Goodbye beach, it was so hard to leave!!

We got a kick out of the billboard by the car rental, why yes I think we will go visit Utah!

We lucked out and Bree got her own seat and Vanessa was sitting by us! Simone upgraded to Premium on a whim and afterwards we realized she would have been sitting by us, oh well!

I love the views from up in airplanes! Very reflective and gives me perspective on life.

Bree did great on the flight home, she didn't sleep, but was happy.  And we made it home safely!  Sad trip to come to an end!