Monday, October 30, 2017

Bree 4 Months

Bree at four months!
Rolls over, mainly from her back to her stomach.  Wakes up smiling and happy.  Is a super easy going baby.  Everyone loves her and fights over holding her.  She loves her play mat and will play under it for a long time.  She won't let me hold her to sleep, but if I lay her down with a binky and soft blanket by her face she will nuzzle in and put herself to sleep.  Which is super nice, except for when we are at church or out and about and I need her to sleep in my arms.  I can sometimes get her to fall asleep if I lay her on my lap, but she is growing quickly and that won't last for long.  Also she loves her carseat and sleeps easily once the car starts moving.  Such a super easy baby and I can't complain!  Loves her binky or fingers or sucking on anything she can get her hands on.  Is super duper ticklish especially under her chin and on her thighs.  Will instantly smile any time you raise her arms up or lift her feet towards her head.  Coos and gurgles and loves to make funny noises.  Sparkliest eyes and loves to just observe you and soak you in!  And I love to soak her in as much as possible.  Night time is your time once your sisters go to bed we love to play with you!  And you love to join me to girl's nights where everyone just gushes over how cute and smiley you are! 

Bree's 4 Month Well Check Stats:
Weight- 15 lbs 1oz  
Height- 24.7 inches 
Head Circumference- 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Grandpa's birthday!

We got to go down to celebrate my Dad's birthday with him and our family! 

He had lots of helpers unwrapping his present!

He got a little drone and I had a good laugh when on the first flight he flew it on top of the cabinet. 

The aftermath of coloring with chalk!

My dad is a great grandpa and all his grandkids adore him!! I'm so grateful to have him as a father and that my kids get to have him as a grandpa!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Mini Cheer Camp

Our local high school puts on a mini cheer camp and Taylor has done it in the past.  Well Reese has been anxiously waiting until she was old enough to do it and this was the year!  They had so much fun going together and loved learning the cheer and fight song.  In fact they love to perform the fight song anytime anyone asks them too!

Reese loved that she got to have mascara on! 

Funny story, they were sitting waiting to go perform at half time and I noticed that Reese had started crying so I went over to see if everything was okay.  It turns out she had spotted the Wasp mascot and was scared of it.  So after a promise from the cheerleaders that the wasp wouldn't come near her she calmed down.

Just look for pink tennis shoes to spot my girls. 

September Photos 2017

I'm so grateful for friends who love my kids like their own!

Pretty good spiral!

Oh how I love her and her smirks!

All three out cold!

Soaking these snuggles in while I can, because lately she lives in the carseat during the week.

Reese pulls some great faces!

She still has a fear of animals and there was a dog running around she was hanging out on top of the picnic table. 

First day of gymnastics!!

When we were throwing around names for Baby Peaches, Taylor told some of our friends that we were going to name her Chiffon.  She had gotten it from the show Strawberry Shortcake, it's one of the dog's name and she thought it was so pretty!  Well after Baby Peaches was born and we named her Bree, we got home and realized that Bree is the name of Fancy Nancy's best friend.  We hadn't made this connection previously, we love the Fancy Nancy books and I highly recommend them!!  But imagine our surprise when we were reading a new one from the library and Bree's doll is named Chiffon!! We had a good laugh!! 

Homecoming Parade!!

Owen couldn't get enough of Bree!

Reese sleeps heavy and wakes up sort of out of it.  She will come out of bed and then just stand there in a daze and then I'll call her over for a hug and some snuggles!  I don't want to forget this about her with her bed hair and rosy cheeks! 

My girls LOVE chalk and love to make big messes with it!

We painted Bree's toes on the insistence of her sisters and of course they picked pink!

One night we were struggling getting the girls to clean their room so for their reward they picked to have Bree lay with them in their beds for a little bit and that did the trick!

Swimming with Mason!

Ugh real life with kids!!

Reese's face cracks me up in this one!! 

We love our neighborhood and friends!!

driving the alpine loop

Taylor brought this home and said, "I guess I was kinda sleepy when they took the picture!" Hahah I explained she just blinked when they took it. 

Taylor had to make a poster all about her!  And was pretty proud of it!!

Building a temple our of legos during General Conference