Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wasatch Basketball game

We like to go to local sporting events and both Chad and I love basketball so we made sure we made it to a Wasatch High basketball game.  Taylor's gymnastic teacher Tana Davis' son plays and Taylor was so excited when Miss Tana came over and said hi at half time.  We love her!  Another funny part was the Wasp came over to see the girls and Reese freaked out! I wasn't surprised because of her fear of animals, but afterwards she kept an eye on him the whole time.

January Photos

Sneaking off to see the new Star Wars movie

Taylor and Sadie love playing dress up together!

Happy Birthday Grandpa! And the photo above is one of the girls favorite things to do at Grandma and Grandpa's is to have the rides on their walkers.

This girl is a serious mess maker and if there is a mess to be had she will find it!

Playing camping at the bottom of the stairs

Serious dare devil this one!

Jayne got her wisdom teeth and it was pretty funny!  She was obsessed with her moose!

Snuck into the shower with her swim suit on! This girl can't wait until until summer and she can run through the "sprinkles" Also she would wear her swim suit every day if I let her and is always trying to find it and put it on.

These selfies crack me up! I find hundreds whenever she gets ahold of a phone.

Lots of snow this year!