Friday, January 30, 2015

Reese 7 Months

Hey Reeser, I hope you know how much I love you. You light up my life.  It can be frustrating that you are so clingy to me, but I look in your pretty eyes and just melt.  It's like we have a secret conversation just between the two of us when we make eye contact.  I love it especially when you are busy doing something and then we have one of our special moments.  I can't help, but smile along with you.  You illuminate when you smile and it makes me what to smother you with kisses.  You are such a sweet spirit and I can't imagine life without you.  It's fun to try and imagine what you will be like as you grow up, but I know there are so many great things in store for you.  And you have a family who loves you so much!  We are so so blessed to have you in our lives.  Thanks for being the wonderful baby you are!  I could just kiss your chunky cheeks forever!
Love Mom!
Here are some fun things about you right now.
Funniest laugh, more of a chuckle. "Hu ahu hu"  You are also starting to jabber more in the sense that there are multiple syllables.
You love to grab my face, especially while nursing. You are also easily distracted. 
Love to be startled, spun around, tossed in the air like her sister. 
Love solid food!! Hasn't tried anything you don't like. Feed yourself. Pinches food with your fingers. Doesn't favor a hand yet. Loves puffs or yogurt melts, when Taylor doesn't eat them first.
I don't know if I ever mentioned you have a birthmark on the base of your hairline in the back like Taylor did, but it is lighter.
After a few rough nights of sleep training you now sleep like a champ! 7:15pm-5am eat and go back to sleep until 8. With two naps during the day.  I miss holding you and having you fall asleep in my arms, but being able to sleep is also nice. 
Love to pound your hands on things like your tray. And flap your arms. Especially when you wake up, you get so excited to see me!  It probably my favorite moment each day is getting you up out of your crib.
Sits great. Still mobile, but not crawling. Gets onto one knee and lunges if there is something you really wants.
Love to play with Taylor or any of Taylor's toys, especially Taylor's princess dolls from Christmas. Loves rattles and your Sophie. Still loves to chew/suck on blankets or whatever you can get your hands on!

Here you are modeling the rocking chair I refinished.  Your Great Grandpa Harward bought it as a wedding present for your Great Grandma Harward.  Your Grandma was rocked in it and now you are too!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Reese 6 Months

Reese you are such a big girl!  You are active and definitely not "immobile" but not crawling, you reach, pivot, scoot, but mainly you "roll with a purpose" as your dad calls it.  You can sit up on your own, but we have to watch you close because every now and then you throw your head back violently and fall over.  Your sleeping has gotten worse and worse!  We may have to do some sleep training soon so that we can all get some more sleep.  You sleep in your own room though which is nice, but you prefer to fall asleep in your mom's arms.  I noticed after Thanksgiving that your skin was getting really red and rough in spots and the doctor confirmed my thoughts that you have eczema.  He prescribed a hydroccortizone so hopefully that will help.  You love to watch your sister and interact with her.  She can make you laugh the easiest too.  You vocalize by making a single note and holding it for awhile, and it is usually a deeper note.   It's pretty funny!  You love to play peekaboo and when anyone dangles a blanket over you or covers you with one and takes it off you instantly smile.  You are still a momma's girl, but are getting better... maybe?  We are excited for your first Christmas!  Time is flying by, but we have loved every minute you have been with us.

Reese's 6 Month Stats
Height- 27 in- 90%
Weight- 16lbs 8oz- 55%
Head Circumference- 17in- 75%