Friday, October 9, 2015

Cup of life

Jayne came and stayed with us to watch a meteor shower one night.  She insisted that we had to go get a "Cup of Life" aka a kfc bucket filled with 711 slurpee.  The thing was massive and made me laugh.  It's a good thing I have a little sister to keep me young and caught up with what all the teenagers are doing these days ;)

My Monkeys

The girls found their Halloween costumes from last year and squeezed into them. They make pretty cute monkeys if I do say so myself! 

Speaking of monkeys... this little one is trouble!! She is climber and gets into lots of trouble! WE've had to move the chairs from our kitchen because she loves to climb on top of the table.  And our couch was by the banister by the stairs and we had to rearrange our furniture because she kept climbing up and looking at the stairs and I was afraid she was going to fall.  We are doing our best to keep her safe, but she is doing her best to put herself in danger!

This is Taylor's "Reese climbed on my bed!" face! 

Swimming lessons

Taylor took swimming lessons this summer with her friend Charlotte.  It's so fun watching her learn and become more confident in herself.  She did so well, but still needs to work on her coordination.  And ever since swimming lessons she doesn't think she needs to wear a floaty!  It's so fun watching her get bigger!  She was even brave enough to go off the diving board and down the slide. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Winner winner

This summer I won an Instagram giveaway and got these cute matching pencil skirts and bows for the girls from Fancy Janes.  They are super cute and I didn't get a good picture of the girls standing up to show off how cute the skirts are, but trust me! And we got so many compliments on them!

We were out on my mom's swing and Reese fell asleep.  I soak these moments in because they are so rare!!


For Chad's birthday I got us tickets to Lagoon.  I thought it would be fun to spend time together and reminisce of our newlywed days riding rollercoasters in California.  It was such a great day together!   Chad still struggles on spinning rides, but he is a great sport and let me ride them while he watched. 

After riding Cannibal! Definitely the best ride at Lagoon! And the trick to skip the line is go in the single rider line. We rode right behind each other and didn't have to wait more than 15 mins. 

Baby Sterling

One of best friend's had a beautiful baby boy back in July!  We were so happy to meet him! Especially since they moved to California a few days later.  Sterling is so precious! Good job Kirstin!  It's crazy to think just a few years ago we were freshman hanging out in Helaman Halls.  Now I can't wait to meet our other friend Karlie's little boy Josh who was born recently!  I love when friends have babies and then our babies get to hangout!

Taylor loved holding Sterling and Anderson was very protective of him.  It was absolutely adorable!  And Reese liked the crackers Kirstin gave her haha.  As we left Taylor asked me where her baby brother was.  I had to break it to her that she doesn't have one right now, but hopefully sometime in the future (not a baby announcement).  Such cute kids!!