Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mini Waspette

The high school dance team put on a dance camp and Taylor did it with some of her friends.  She LOVED it!! And it was seriously the cutest thing! She even got strep throat the week of it and missed some of the practice, but still was able to do the dance and had so much fun!  She loves to dance and everyday afterwards asked when she could go back to dance class. 

Taylor, Auri and Morgan. Don't they look so grown up!?!

Auri is seriously one of the strongest little girl's I've ever seen.  Future little gymnast!

Taylor is in the front very right

She knelt down because that's what her teachers were doing.

I was with Auri's mom and we both teared up and couldn't get over how cute and big our girls are! You could tell they are our first kids!

Jayne's first time cutting hair

Jayne was up staying with us one night and I convinced her to chop my hair off.  I had been throwing around the idea lately and I just needed to do it spontaneously or it wouldn't happen.  We cut at least 9 inches off total, I just kept telling her to go shorter and shorter haha.  Jayne didn't want to because she's never cut hair before, but I just wanted it straight across and I convinced her that's not too hard. And I'm happy with how it turned out!

The first cut, there were many more "Just another inch" after it.

Volleyball Tournament

I've really missed playing volleyball so awhile ago I posted on a Facebook Heber group asking if there is any volleyball I could play, like pick up, rec leagues etc.  And a lady sent me a private message saying that a group of women get together at someone's private gym and play each week.  I started going and one of the ladies was trying to put a team together to go play in a tournament in Vernal and I jumped at the chance.  It was seriously so much fun!!! The only downside was our setter got food poisoning the first night so we had to play with a ghost the next day and it threw us off.  But honestly it was still so much fun and I was happy just to play!  I really love playing volleyball!  

Curiosity Museum with Cousins

We hit up the Thanksgiving Point Curiosity Museum with my sister-in-law and her boys.  We hadn't been there we went with my friend Kirstin and while I was pregnant with Reese and it was even more fun now that my kids are older.  And especially fun with their cousins.

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt 2016

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt at our little park.  Despite the cold weather, the kids had a lot of fun!

Eli Owen!

Brylee Brown!

Charlotte Sullivan!

Auri Brown!

Sadie Salazar!