Friday, June 30, 2017

June Photos 2017

The girls found some new hiding spaces one morning, though they aren't as sneaky as they think since they pulled out all of the things that go inside the cupboards to make room and stacked them outside.

First snocone of the summer!

Collecting rollie pollies!

Just ironing like Mom

Swimming with the Knudsens

This happens every time after we go swimming!

Happy 29th Birthday Chad/Dad!!

One day after swimming lessons they got to stay longer and swim with friends

No fear!!

Taylor is a really good big sister!

Happy Father's Day to the best Dad!!!

Playing in the water with our neighbor Parks.  The girls love to get up on the slide and talk to him over the fence and so they were all excited to be on the same side of the fence haha.

Top of Memorial Hill. 

Found these on my phone taken by Reese and they made me laugh!

Taken on one of our many walks trying to get baby Peaches here!

When the girls are fighting sometimes I make them sit and touch their noses together which always ends in them giggling no matter how grumpy or mad they were to start. 

She said, "Mom take a picture of me!"  But my phone wasn't on so she said, "It's okay I can hold this pose for a long time!"

Reese has an obsession with headbands and this time they decided to put as many on her as they could. 

Yep I've hit official Mom status, we bought a minivan and will have 3 kids! 

My mom sent me this as we were driving to the hospital.