Thursday, August 27, 2015

June Photos

Reese 11 Months

Hey wiggle worm.  You are one active little girl!  Walking everywhere and trying to climb onto everything.  You are becoming smarter each day and it so fascinating to watch you discover and learn things so quickly.  You still are a Mama's girl, but are slowly opening up to others more. 
If someone is sitting on the floor you walk past them and then back up to sit on their lap.  Or if you think Taylor or someone is trying to beat you to sit on my lap you run and dive head first into me.  You are very trusting and always expect someone to catch you because you often just fling yourself around with a big grin waiting for someone to catch you.  And you are tough!  You fall and crash and trip all the time, but you hop right back up and keep going!  Still a great eater!  You love to color with chalk and try and blow bubbles.  You are discovering the world around you and its fun to be a witness and discover it with you!